APRIL 23. . . .AMAZING Earth Day specials in the organic produce section–includes strawberries, sunflower sprouts, carrots, bananas, spinach, mangos, tomatoes, apples, more! Organic means no GMOs, no pesticides, great flavor, lots of vitamins and minerals.

Eat fearlessly at Rabbit Food.


APRIL 21. . . .THE BEST SUGGESTION I found for celebrating Earth Day was, why, eating of course!  On a list of Earth Day things to do that Albert’s sent out, I found this item:  “Cook a Special Earth Day Meal: Plan a menu that uses locally produced foods, is healthy, and has minimal impact on the environment.  Cook with as much organic food as possible.” Easy peasy when you shop at Rabbit Food–

WEDNESDAY: Pick up your CSA bag between 1 and 5.  You’re going to need your delivery of locally-grown, fresh organic food to fix your Earth Day special meal. If you aren’t a member yet, make Earth Day the day that you sign up by emailing gardendelivery@gmail.com

Sami’s arrives on Wednesday, and Mary often delivers freshly baked Granola Naturals products too.


THURSDAY: After last week’s missed truck, I’m certain Albert’s Organics will make sure that our organic produce delivery arrives in time for the store’s opening this Thursday.  Our sales person has confirmed avocados, bananas, strawberries, broccoli crowns, carrots, garlic, ginger, limes, mangos, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, tomatoes, cress. That’s enough to create a great organic menu!  The UNFI truck brings our Albert’s pallet, and also a storeload of our regular organic and natural foods ‘n’ things.  This week, the Himalayan pink salt in a shaker is listed as in stock.  I am also trying some organic frozen blueberries as well as our wild blueberries.

FRIDAY:  hoo-ray for more organic produce.  I will be asking Destiny Organics to deliver green cabbage, cauliflower, kale or chard, greenleaf or romaine, campari tomatoes or tomatoes on the vine.

Celebrate organics, celebrate Earth Day at Rabbit Food.


APRIL 14. . . .APRIL SHOWERS and all that.  The spring greening of East Tennessee is, as ever, beautiful in every way. The cabbage, chard, and spring mix seedlings that I bought through the CSA are loving it.  Soon it’ll be safe to plant seeds and set out more seedlings, and these warm rainy days will give them their perfect start in life.  And we don’t even have to hook up a garden hose.  Amazing!

CSA: Garden Delivery is going to put new applicants on a waiting list for a few weeks to make sure that the local produce that is available will go around for existing members. I talked to Rita on Saturday, and she said her Promiseland pay-by-the-week CSA still has a few openings.  If you want more information, call Rabbit Food during store hours for Rita’s phone number.

LOOKING FOR GLUTEN-FREE RESOURCES? Carolyn Acuff of Powell is a dauntless crusader for gluten-free interests in our area.  If you want information on events, restaurants, grocery stores or more on the subject, contact Carolyn at 865 207-7134 or carolynacuff@comcast.net

SPRING GREEN YUMMIES: enjoy the organic chard, lettuce, and celery left from last Friday’s delivery.  Organic produce seems to be steeply priced right now.  I’m not sure whether this is a direct result of the California drought or the change of seasons/sources, or a combination.  However, the quality remains tip top, so we’re getting what we’re paying for!


MONDAY–the Barlean’s flax oil and greens powder arrived.

WEDNESDAY–Sami’s, CSA delivery, Hydrate (we hope!)

THURSDAY–Albert’s Organic produce and the UNFI order.  Organic produce will include golden delicious apples, avocados, bananas, carrots, red bell peppers, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, tomatoes, cress. Also from Albert’s, we’re expecting Treeline treenut cheese (vegan), and Buchi kombucha.  Lisa sampled some Buchi during Whole Foods’ opening days and sold us on it.  Apart from great taste, it’s made in Asheville (local, sort of) of great ingredients. The UNFI delivery has your orders plus the good organic and natural food and household products you’re used to at the low Rabbit Food prices that you’re used to!

FRIDAY–We’ll hit Destiny up for the end of the week fresh organic stuff.  I’m planning to order more Georgia strawberries, a few lemons, red beets, red cabbage, kale or chard, greenleaf lettuce, yellow onions, and sweet potatoes.

April showers bring rabbit food!


APRIL 7. . . DRIVING BACK from the National Park on Sunday, Roger pulled into a roadside restaurant to get fresh coffee for the drive home.  In the few minutes I was in The Magnolia Tree Restaurant and Country Market, I spotted several items that I knew would be of interest to some Rabbit Food patrons, including raw cheeses in the fridge, several Bob’s Red Mill products (many that Rabbit Food doesn’t carry), Wheat Montana flour, Amish products–and I had hardly even begun to look around.  The very friendly proprietor mentioned that he bought his product from a company in Pennsylvania.  Stop in sometime.  It’s located on 321, just across the Cocke County line, on the left as you head toward Cosby.  They’re closed Wednesdays.

THE GOOD THING about small businesses is that we don’t have a corporate office telling us what to do! Test out how well this works by asking us for something you’ve been looking for.  Marsha made a request this week and was met with a “no” because Rabbit Food is too small to accommodate bulk bins, even for Sundrops (you know, the no-artificial-stuff M&M look-alikes). However, I’d have no problem splitting a 25# bag into, say, 5# bags if a few other customers wanted to get with Marsha.  You see, there’s usually a way around most things.

SPRING GOODIES ABOUND!  Have you placed your CSA order this week?  The list of locally grown items is beginning to expand.  Those who ordered can pick up their bags from Rabbit Food on Wednesday between 1 and 5pm.

Sami’s also arrives on Wednesday.  While you’re picking up, check out our organic oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, ginger, garlic, new red or yellow potatoes, red onions, yellow onions, sweet potatoes, red or green cabbages, and carrots, celery, bananas, avocados. There’s enough to keep that rabbity spring in your step!

ON THURSDAY’S TRUCK, look for pumpkin seeds both raw and roasted, prunes, Kerry Gold butter, Kevita kombucha, Natural Sea skinless boneless salmon, almond milk, coconut milk, spices, hemp seeds, almonds, walnuts, basmati brown rice, Bubbie’s dills, Barbara’s cheese puffs, sprouted bread from Alvarado Street Bakery, and more.

FRESH ON FRIDAY: Natto should arrive by Friday.  Also from the west coast, we’re counting on Barlean’s flax oil. My quandary is whether or not to order organic apples from Destiny.  Right now they are $7.70 per 3# bag; loose, they are over $1 per piece. Can you live without them?  Let me know what you want to supplement what’s available here.

Be the boss of what you want at Rabbit Food.


image image imageHappy AND healthy Easter to you and yours. Store open regular Rabbit Food hours.  Come see us.


MARCH 31. . . .WHEN WE ENDED up with organic gold beets instead of organic red beets last Friday, I wondered what to do with them. Apparently, anything you want to is the correct answer! Debbie left a rave on the answering machine about how good they are. The picture is of some I pickled at home. And no, that’s not turmeric in the juice; that’s the gold beet juice. They’re perhaps a little sweeter than the red, but like red beets in every other way. Go for them!
GF GET ACQUAINTED: Don’t forget the GF get acquainted lunch is the first Tuesday of every month at Outback. The April lunch is scheduled for next Tuesday, April 7. Get more info from the glutenfreespokenhere website and Facebook page.
NEW ARRIVALS: Olive oil soap, Greek olive oil, Spry toothpaste and gum and mints, arrived Monday and will be ready to buy tomorrow. Honey Dew Naturals (local) lip balm and “Chill” headache relief are in transit. By the end of the week, we should also have some liquid stevia drops and a few other items from Select Nutrition.
WEDNESDAY: Sami’s, Granola Naturals, and CSA delivery.
Organic produce–avocados, carrots, bananas, ginger, garlic, cress, strawberries, russet bakers, spinach, lemons, limes, tomatoes
From UNFI–Linda did her homework and found that I could order some Kerry Gold butter; other special requests included sprouted organic tofu, Hilary’s root burgers, Cucina Antica pumpkin pasta sauce, 10 grain pancake and waffle mix, Lifeway Probugs (kefir for kids), peach preserves, and more.
More organic produce is on order from Destiny–grapefruit, oranges, green cabbage, celery, lettuce, red potatoes, and sprouts.
Be a winner when you shop at Rabbit Food.


MARCH 24. . . .WE OFTEN get requests for cleanly grown or organic chicken.  If you’re one who’s looking for clean chicken meat, or if you know someone who is, don’t miss this opportunity! Contact Tyler immediately:  majestichillsfarm@gmail.com

He is taking orders now, right away, before Saturday, don’t delay! More information is on his Facebook page:


HAVE I FORGOTTEN ANYTHING? Let’s see. . . a NOW Foods order is in transit, Sami’s is on the way as usual, Granola Naturals will restock our peanutty nuggets and peanut butter bars, Greek olive oil and Lebanese olive oil soap are coming, a Xlear order (Spry products) has been made, and Wilderness Poets nut butters are on the way too.  Top that off with plenty of Three Bears coffee–decaf especially, a fresh shipment of Good Stuff Cacao raw chocolate, Megumi natto, and a new batch of Olde Virden’s Red Hot pepper that arrived last week. These are all in addition to the big truck delivery on Thursday and the Destiny Organics produce delivery on Friday.  I don’t think I’ve forgotten a thing!

STAPLES: Rely on Rabbit Food for your organic and natural foods staples.  We always have your favorite dried fruits, nuts, seeds, an awesome array of dried beans, canned beans, rices, cereals, meal and grits, teas, spices, edible oils, vinegars, pastas, frozen items, juices, yogurts, crackers, snack bars, fresh fruits and vegetables, cleaning items, and personal care items.  ooh–and chocolate.  If you’re a Garden delivery CSA member too, then it’s the friendliest one-stop shopping in town!

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY:  so far on order are lemons, red beets, red cabbage, celery, baby bellas, sweet potatoes. Destiny says they are all out of apples, but I know there are still some juicing pink ladies (bruised, but certainly good enough to eat too) and some red delicious. We still have loads of fresh green cabbage and greenleaf lettuce.  Both the yellow and red potatoes are tiny new delicious spuds! Pink grapefruit is awesome right now and a great price too. Yum.  Come in now.

Rabbit Food is for you.


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