JULY 28. . . . .WITH THE NEWS that Rabbit Food is closing, quite a few folks have been placing bulk orders for the items that they really like.  Ariane is one of those people, and she wants to stay in touch with others who buy bulk organics so that in future they can share sources and perhaps even orders.  Ari will keep you in the loop, so if you’re interested, or want to find out more, email her: enjoythejourney143@gmail.com

MORE TRANSITIONS: Good news for Cobble Creek beef buyers–The Cobbles are making their first delivery to their new Sevierville retailer, Sully’s Select, tomorrow!

THE LAST DROP by Garden Delivery CSA at Rabbit Food is tomorrow.  Don’t despair though; the location of their future Sevierville drops will be announced soon.  I’ll be seeing other CSA members when I pick up my orders on Wednesdays.  And if you’re not a member yet, you can still join!

BLUEBERRIES, blueberries.  Big, beautiful, better than ever blueberries.  Shirley or Jay from Summer Blues will bring berries Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. The berries move fast, so get in quickly or call me to hold some for you.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the monthly GF luncheon at Outback next Tuesday, August 4.

SAMI’S AND GRANOLA NATURALS will be delivered on Wednesday.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: Strawberries, carrots, ginger, black grapes, red Boston lettuce, mushrooms, pears, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, tomatoes.  We still have great looking organic plums, garlic, red potatoes, and celery hearts in stock.

PLANNING AHEAD: Rabbit Food is open regular hours this week, but next week, which will be our last week, Wednesday and Thursday hours will be shorter, with the store opening from 2pm until 6pm on each of those days.  Friday and Saturday hours, however, will be normal.

Shop ’til you hop at Rabbit Food.


JULY 21. . . .ABOUT TWO of the quarts of Summer Blues locally-grown, unsprayed fat delicious blueberries are equivalent in weight to one 3lb bag of Wyman’s, and the price is practically the same too.  My suggestion is to grab up as many of the Summer Blues as you can while they are available and freeze them. It just makes good sense.  Depending on the weather, which determines when Shirley can pick, we should have our blueberries in by late Wednesday or early Thursday this week.  Call and check, and leave your order if you wish.

SAMI’S, CSA, Granola Naturals, Historic Springs, Select Nutrition, and NOW Foods all have orders en route to Rabbit Food this week–UNFI and Albert’s Organics too, of course.

DID I MENTION CHERRIES? This week’s organic produce list includes: avocados, bananas, broccoli, celery, dark sweet cherries, garlic, mangos, mushrooms, plums, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, NC sweet potatoes.

IF YOU’RE WONDERING why the 5lb bags of Bonner organic raisins have not appeared in the store of late, it’s because they are discontinued.  Let me know if you want me to purchase raisins in bulk and split them into 5lb bags.  The price would be a little over $16 for the 5lbs, not as good a deal as the Bonner.

UPDATE ON CLOSING: I will be placing orders the next two Mondays, July 27 and August 3. Regular store hours will run through August 1.  After that date, please watch for hours to change.

See you with smiles this week at Rabbit Food.


JULY 14. . . .THIS MONTH marks ten years since Rabbit Food opened, and where were we back then? . . .Earthfare in Turkey Creek was new; Nature’s Pantry and the Knoxville Co-op (now Three Rivers) were the other main health food stores.  Tiny health food stores served Sevier County. Conventional grocery stores carried little in the way of organic/natural foods. Farmers’ markets were few and far between–as were CSAs–and folks dedicated to healthy food had to work hard to get it!  Our buying club came to Sevier County just once a month back then.

My, how things have changed!  Knoxville now boasts several big box natural grocery stores, umpteen farmers’ markets and probably as many CSAs, a permaculture society, Nourish Knoxville which coordinates promotion of local foods around Knoxville and into the surrounding counties.  Even we rural counties are seeing multiple farmers’ markets and CSAs flourish.  Conventional grocery stores have impressive natural foods aisles plus organic choices in their produce and perishable food sections. Milk shares are now legal in Tennessee, and farmers like the Byingtons, Nicelys, and Eakins have fed a lot of people a lot of great food. In fact, eating organically and locally is so much easier now that it’s almost unbelievable.

REFLECTIONS? The purpose of these reflections is to preface the news that Rabbit Food’s time is up. I’ve decided to close the store soon because sales have dropped to (and stayed at) a level that makes it unsustainable to keep it up. If this leaves you feeling nonplussed, know that you’re not alone–after last year’s growth, I did not see this coming! However, here it is, and I made the decision just a week ago.  On the bright side, I always said that if Rabbit Food was put out of business, that would be a good thing as it would mean we’d have other places to get the good stuff we wanted. . .

PLANS: I plan to order for the next three weeks, so the last delivery will be on the first Thursday in August.  Hours will not change until then.  After the last delivery, the store will only be open for very restricted hours until inventory is sold.

The store itself will be listed for sale with Action Real Estate, Unit 207, Fountain Park.

CSA members, stay in touch with Stephen who is looking for a new drop-off point in Sevierville. CSA drops on Wednesdays at Rabbit Food will continue until the end of July.

BACK TO BUSINESS!  Yes, Sami’s and Granola Naturals and Historic Springs have been ordered for this week.

PLUM DELICIOUS plums and nectarines are still in stock from last week.  Ohhhh, they are perfect and perfectly priced.

BOUNTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BLUEBERRIES are coming in like crazy right now.  Shirley says she can’t pick them fast enough, and she will be delivering quarts of them early Thursday morning.  Get them and freeze them while you can.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: avocados, celery, cilantro, carrots, ginger, grapefruit, grapes, cantaloupes, yellow onions, green bell peppers, red potatoes, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, tomatoes

MORE GOODIES:  Treeline nut “cheese,” organic Brazil nuts on sale (yay), Crofter’s fruit spreads (organic, no sugar), Earthpaste toothpaste, Lakewood organic bottled lemon juice, Spry toothpaste, Jovial GF egg pasta, maca powder, 1# bags organic turmeric, bentonite clay, Barbara’s cheese puffs (for the kid in you), and massively more!

Come see us at Rabbit Food.


JULY 7. . . . for the summertime blues.”

There’s certainly no “cure” for Shirley and Jay’s Summer Blues blueberries which start rolling in tomorrow. So why not just succumb?  After all, they’re quarts of flavorful, fresh, cleanly grown locally blueberries.   You couldn’t ask for better.  Shirley says she will deliver Wednesday afternoon.  I will post a picture on the Rabbit Food Facebook page as soon as I see them. Be sure to check in while the berries are fresh.

NATTO should arrive Friday.

THE NOW Foods order finally showed up Monday, with long-awaited pine nuts, xylitol, nutritional yeast flakes, and some essential oils. I thought it would arrive last week.  Apologies if I confused you!

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: avocados, bananas, strawberries, green cabbage, green grapes, limes, mushrooms, nectarines, plums, tomatoes, sweet potatoes.  Nummmm, all that good fruit!

AS USUAL: Sami’s and Granola Naturals and CSA on Wednesday.

Get the Summer Blues at Rabbit Food.



JULY 1. . . . THIS WEEK, celebrate! And remember we keep our piece of Earth great by supporting organic agriculture, a clean environment, and fabulous state and national parks. Begin at Rabbit Food:

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: avocados, strawberries, cauliflower, grapes, romaine hearts, mangos, mushrooms, grape tomatoes

GOODNESS DELIVERED: CSA Wednesday (if you were smart enough to order), Sami’s Wednesday, NOW Foods probably Thursday, UNFI Thursday. Look for Granola Naturals, yummy yogurt, juices, dressings, pastas, crackers, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, teas, snack bars, chips, even “good” 😏 hot dogs for your big weekend, and get them all right here.

We celebrate too–

                                          RABBIT FOOD CLOSED SATURDAY, JULY 4


JUNE 22. . .WHILE PERHAPS it’s not worms we’re after, we do know that the early birds get to take advantage of the best part of hot summer days. Rise with the birds, and keep a breezy attitude with organics from Rabbit Food!

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: seedless red grapes, lemons, cantaloupes, nectarines, mushrooms, bagged onions, baby spinach, tomatoes, yams

KEEP YOUR COOL with your favorite staples from Rabbit Food–Kaffree Roma coffee substitute, Kalona cottage cheese, Native Forest coconut milk, Quest bars, GT’s trilogy kombucha, Bragg apple cider vinegar, Sami’s bread, gluten-free crackers, etc.–and top it off with a summer treat of a pint of Julie’s organic vanilla ice cream.

You’re welcome at Rabbit Food summertime and anytime.


JUNE 17. . . IT’S THE WEATHER for it. It’s also the time of year for mounds of fresh-from-the-earth produce. Make yours organic.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: avocados, bananas, beets, strawberries, broccoli, carrots, chard, grapes, mushrooms, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, tomatoes, garlic, ginger

AND MORE–As well as all that good stuff, we’re also expecting a delivery of Good Stuff Cacao. Remember that Rabbit Food is the place to get Sami’s, Bucha, Kevita, coconut water, a range of gluten free flours, first class organic dried fruit and nuts, and oh so much more.

I must down to the sea again. .

Nephew Dan and me--Indian Ocean, June 14

Nephew Dan and me–Indian Ocean, June 14


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