APRIL 15. . . .Enjoy the butterflies and cherry blossoms and all other aspects of this lovely season!


INCLUDE LUSCIOUS organics in your celebrations.  The cabbage and avocados and oranges and lemons and sweet potatoes are fresh and tasty and fit the budget. Even organic maple syrup is a better deal right now.  This month and next, stock up on organic black bean spaghetti and mung bean fettuccini while they’re on sale.  Hilary’s has a new variety of organic bean burgers that we’re trying this week, and in the freezer you’ll find Alvarado Street Bakery sprouted grain bread.

FROM OUR LOCAL sources this week, Everything Wheatgrass will supply fresh sunflower sprouts, Kenny’s is sending some cheese which should include a few pieces of Asiago and Brie, and the Cobbles hope to get us ground beef.

QUEST BARS arrived and will be in stock Wednesday.

NOW FOODS order should arrive Thursday or Friday.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: golden delicious apples, carrots, cilantro, dandelion greens, baby spinach.

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY: Yes, we’ll get a delivery from Destiny!

OPEN SATURDAY:  Of course!

Joy to you from Rabbit Food.


APRIL 8. . . . ALL KINDS of fresh and lovely things. 


EARTH DAY is just two weeks away. Celebrate the people, especially the growers, who produce our food organically, keeping the soil, water, and air clean in the process.  Speaking of Earth Day, join the festivities at Sevierville City Park on Wednesday, April 23 from 4pm to 8pm, and come run with us at the Earth Day 5K in Gatlinburg on Friday night, April 25.

GMO-OMG!  The movie will be shown free to the public at two times on Saturday, May 24 in Knoxville.  See the poster on the door at the store for details, or Google it.

ORGANIC IN THE STORE. . . If you didn’t make it in last weekend, come early tomorrow.  There are still some lovely bunches of beets, fresh red and green cabbage, new lemons and grapefruit, plenty of onions and potatoes and celery and tomatoes. Sami’s and fresh wheatgrass should show up too.

FRESH AND NEW TOO:  Nellie’s laundry soda and oxygen brightener are here.  That was Scott’s suggestion.  Let’s see how good this stuff is. Scott, you’re responsible!

ORGANIC THURSDAY. . .carrots, baby spinach, oranges, garlic in the produce department; Turkish figs, Brazil nuts, kale chips, black bean spaghetti, coconut oil, apple sauce, canned green olives and more in the grocery department; Barlean’s organic greens powder in the. . .well, the Barlean’s department I suppose!

ORGANIC FRIDAY. . . Pink lady apples, kale, lettuce, avocados, more leeks–shall we get more leeks?–strawberries, ginger, sweet potatoes.

Spring into Rabbit Food for fresh and lovely things.



April 1. . . .APRIL WILL BRING showers of good food and good deals to Rabbit Food.  Take a look at these:

BREWER’S BREAD:  The Brewers have their mushrooms growing and should be delivering in a couple of weeks.  But exciting news from them is that they now have a baker making loaves with powdered mushrooms in them!  There’s a sprouted grain loaf, a whole wheat loaf, a cheese loaf and more, all with very simple straightforward ingredient lists.  Tammy said she’d bring some samples by on Saturday for us to try.  Can’t wait!  Watch for updates!

IF YOU’RE A FAN of the Explore Asian bean pastas or the Artisana coconut butter, this is your month.  These are among the items that are on sale this month.  Order by the case, save even more, and build a stash.

CONNIE STARTED IT, and now other customers are crazy about the Against the Grain gluten-free pizzas.  This week’s order should include the pesto pizza.  Liz was the first to ask for So Delicious butter pecan non dairy frozen dessert; Tom’s now wanting them back again.  Della got us started on Quest protein bars and now we can’t restock fast enough.  Tasty food gets around at Rabbit Food.

DIVERSITY IS A GOOD thing.  This week’s organic produce order from Albert’s includes organic leeks and organic dandelion greens along with the carrots and baby spinach that we usually get.  Mmmm., those leeks will be tasty with some garlic, spinach, feta, olives, roasted red peppers (also coming from Albert’s), parsley and oregano in a Greek inspired pie.

WE’RE GOING TO try a new kind of organic BBQ sauce that’s gluten free, and we hope to get some Nellie’s laundry soda this week too. Our Select order will include more Redmond clay.  Megumi natto will likely arrive on Thursday.

TIME SENSITIVE:  if you want to order Majestic Hill Farms whole pastured meat chickens directly from the farmer, the forms with information are at the store now and are due April 14 Pick up an order form from Rabbit Food, or call Tyler for more inormation: 423-733-4036.

FRIDAY PRODUCE. . . .Darn, those delicious red delicious are all gone.  The domestic apple crop is just about exhausted.  I hope to pick up some pink ladies this week.  As usual though, we expect an abundance of other great fruits and vegetables to go with our leeks and dandelions! But don’t wait until Friday to come in.  There are still fabulous organic green peepers, broccoli, tomatoes and more in store and waiting to go home with you.

Foster a healthy diet at Rabbit Food.


MARCH 25. . . .GOOD, because the Xlear order is here, including Spry non-fluoride toothpaste, Spry gum, and Spry mints.  Sandy, the fresh fruit gum you asked for has finally arrived.  Anyone else who’s been waiting patiently for gum and mints by Spry, come and get it!

THE FIRST OF THE GEORGIA-GROWN organic strawberries are at Destiny’s warehouse.  Oh, that’s a good sign of yummy things to come. Destiny Organics delivers on FRIDAY, and we hope they’ll also send us Granny Smith and red delicious apples, avocados, broccoli, kale, romaine, Florida-grown green peppers, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. As always, it’s all organic produce.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY:  carrots, cauliflower, cilantro, ginger, pears, baby spinach.  Don’t wait until Thursday if you need organic beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, celery , garlic, ginger, green onions, red onions, white onions, or yellow onions because there are lots of these in stock. BEST of all are Kristy’s organically grown wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts which are delivered fresh on Wednesday.

THE BROWN COW Greek maple yogurt is scheduled to be discontinued at the Atlanta Warehouse.  I ordered some this week; it may be the last we receive.  But it won’t be the last of the other great organic products I’ve ordered, like the Annie’s BBQ sauce, two kinds of Back to Nature crackers, Bonne Maman wild blueberry preserves, Redwood Hill goat yogurt, bulk chia seeds and cashews, cacao nibs, and more.

GET OUT YOUR running shoes and plan to run, hop, or walk with the rest of Team Rabbit Food at the Earth day 5k in Gatlinburg.  The list is growing, with the Blake family now joining us! Register before March 31 for the lower fee.

We’re seeing green and feeling spry at Rabbit Food.



MARCH 18. . . .30lb boxes of organic Georgia grown strawberries, frozen and trimmed, are still available.  If you have ordered, please come by on Friday before 9:30am to pick them up.  If you haven’t ordered and would like to, let us know before noon on Thursday. They are gooood!

EGGS. . .MURIEL has plenty of free-range eggs.  See her “comment” on last week’s blog for contact information.  There’s no need to go without!

PLENTY. . .of organic produce and other interesting yummies are in stock at Rabbit Food.  When you come to pick up some Sami’s tomorrow, grab a bag of tangerines, some grapefruit, and ginger.  Check out the green kale, and buy a bag of parsnips to add wonderful flavor to soups, stews, and casseroles. There’s still garlic, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and more. Kristy’s bringing lots of fresh organic sunflower microgreens and wheatgrass too.

TAKE NOTE of this month’s specials, because next week is the last week to order for March.  In particular, Follow Your Heart vegan cheeses are a good price, and so are the organic almonds.


AT LAST!  The bananas from 3 weeks ago–you know, the ones that could have doubled as boomerangs–are finally beginning to ripen. We managed to hurry a couple of them up by putting them in a plastic bag with a ripe tomato for a few days. Sigh.  Maybe next time. . .

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY will include avocados, parsley, Valencia oranges, red bell peppers, baby spinach, garlic.

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY: I’ve ordered Granny Smiths, more lemons, cabbage, celery, slicer tomatoes, romaine, kale, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, and I hope it’s all available and fresh and lovely as it has been.

BYOB. . .every day is bring-your-own-bag day at Rabbit Food.  Remember to bring yours, or you’ll be tucking raw cheese in your pockets, microgreens up your sleeves, apple cider vinegar down your shirt, dates and macadamias under your arms, pasta in your pony tail. . .

 Practice BYOB and other healthy habits at Rabbit Food.


MARCH 11. . .HOP TO IT EVERYONE.  There’s a wonderful deal from Destiny right now–30lbs of frozen organic strawberries for $15. They are trimmed and ready to eat, blend, can, or put in a pie!  The strawberries were grown in Georgia last year at Miles Berry Farm.  It’s the best thing we’ve seen in a while.  Now here’s what you have to do: email or call your order in before 9am Thursday.  Be prepared to come and pick up your order before 10am Friday (because freezer space is not guaranteed at the store).  How easy is that?  Hop to it!


WEDNESDAY:  Come in and meet Lisa.  She’ll be working on occasion, and her first day is tomorrow.  

The bread arrives from Sami’s, Kristy’s delivering fresh cut microgreens and wheatgrass, the ever-popular Quest protein bars are back in stock, there’s some wonderful organic produce still in the fridge from last Friday’s delivery, and we have honey from Tennessee Wren’s. That’s just the beginning. . .


THURSDAY:  organic produce will arrive–carrots, baby spinach, cilantro, garlic, ginger.  The UNFI truck will deliver–including organic walnuts, roll butter, organic cranberries and banana chips, organic coconut milk, canned Alaskan salmon, sardines, and other goodies.  Megumi Natto should arrive.  NOW Foods order should arrive with almond flour, nutritional yeast, essential oils, organic maple syrup, etc. And last but not least, Kenny’s Cheese in Kentucky is sending some Gouda and jalapeño Jack.


FRIDAY:  Destiny delivery day.  Oh boy, this week, it will be the frozen berries, plus piles of fresh kale, romaine, tomatoes, broccoli cauliflower or whatever they can send us, organic and deliciously fresh. Warning:  Organic apple prices are sky high–we may go without. Oh well, just have to eat strawberries instead.


PS: Remember the good parking is available Saturday. And one more thing–Have you signed up for the Earth Day 5k yet?  The registration price increases after March.  But once you’ve registered, be sure to put your name down at the store for a Team Rabbit Food tee!

Hop for joy, hop for strawberries, hop into Rabbit Food today.


Late breaking news!  The Mustard Seed has opened a juice and smoothie bar.  This is REALLY exciting news for our area.  Find the Newport Mustard Seed Facebook page where the opening menu is posted.  Mary Lou makes her own almond milk–only ingredients are water, almonds, and dates (who would have thought to keep it so simple? Certainly not the aseptic companies!) Take a jaunt out there–remember that they’re closed on weekends.  You’ll find they walk their healthy talk!


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