JULY 22. . . .AN ARTICLE in an old culinary magazine that I was reading in a waiting room last week reminded me to get the best berries I can lay my hands on because the sweetness of summer will soon be gone. I like that “sweetness of summer” description, but I don’t think much about that “gone” thing! Anyway, we are currently getting the best berries available now–Summer Blues blueberries in all their fat juicy organic sweetness. Be sure to get in and get yours.
GOOD STUFF CACAO. . . .A surprising new product came to Rabbit Food last Saturday, and I love it! I could rave, but you can read about it for yourself: http://www.goodstuffcacao.com and then get some in the store. Raw, organic, zero additives, sustainable packaging. . .but I said I wasn’t going to rave. Suffice to say that I saw, tasted, and immediately bought. I think you will too.
COMING THIS WEEK: Summer Blues blueberries, Sami’s, 3 liter cans Zoe Greek olive oil, olive oil soap, Spry gum and toothpaste and mints, Quest bars, and our regular deliveries of organic produce and groceries.
ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: carrots, cherries, limes, mangos, nectarines baby spinach, Yukon potatoes.
STOCK UP ON THURSDAY: UNFI delivers, amongst other things, raw pumpkin seed, roasted pumpkin seed, Kalona cottage cheese, Trader’s Point creamery yogurt, organic mung bean fettuccine, two kinds of Hilary’s bean burgers, and more.
Sweetness is full on at Rabbit Food.


JULY 15. . .YOU KNOW WHAT makes Rabbit Food more special than the average health food store or supermarket section?  It’s our locals who make us better than ordinary.  The tiny space inside is full of quality items that have been selected and requested by the people who shop here, and the icing on the cake (organic cake, that is) is the local product that can be found at very few other locations–all under one roof!

BACK FOR THE SEASON!  Summer Blues blueberries are rolling in!  Shirley and Jay’s organic blueberry farm is in Cosby, and they graciously deliver berries to us each week as the berries come in.  First delivery for the season is going to be tomorrow afternoon.  And since blueberries are a native superfruit, you get super health benefits along with the great eating.

AS WELL AS THE blueberries, there’s a chance we may be getting some locally-grown blackberries.  Great!  Another superantioxidant packaged deliciously!

ON THE SUBJECT OF LOCAL, we have plenty of Granola Naturals peanutty nuggets, hydrate water from Historic, red hot peppers from Olde Virden’s, and I will pick up a batch of freshly roasted coffee from Jeff of Three Bears Coffee tomorrow. AND (ta-daaaa) TWO kinds of local honey!  Tennessee Wren’s delivered on Saturday, and we will restock the Sugar Holler honey tomorrow. Sweet.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: carrots, baby spinach, watercress, bananas, strawberries, garlic, peaches.

MORE THURSDAY HIGHLIGHTS: Farm Friend raw goat cheddar, Lakewood organic pure cranberry juice, Wallaby organic sour cream, 5lb Bonner organic raisins, Kalona organic cottage cheese (2% and 4%), grapeseed oil Vegenaise still on sale, Against the Grain GF pizza shell, Hilary’s organic adzuki burgers, Kevita organic probiotic drink in two flavors, Trader’s Point Creamery single serve organic yogurt, gallon size Bragg ACV. NOW order and Natto expected too.

FRIDAY’S HIGHLIGHT is always another load of fresh organic produce from Destiny Organics.  I haven’t placed the order yet, but I’ll definitely try for avocados, sweet potatoes, Atlanta Fresh whole milk Greek yogurt, and whatever else we need.  We still have nice looking organic beets, celery, lemons, onions, grapefruit, and Roma tomatoes from last Friday.

It’s good ol’ summertime at Rabbit Food.





JUNE 8. . . I’M NOT QUITE SURE what they are, but I’m quite sure that the more we consume, the healthier we are. The literature says polyphenols are found in real food, so that makes it easy! I’m going to try a recipe I found for purple potato salad: Cook and quarter purple potatoes, and combine with chopped kalamatas and shallots. Pour on a dressing of olive oil, juice of a lemon, and kalamata brine. Toss with zest from the lemons, salt, pepper, and parsley. Mmmm. Shall do.

ORGANIC POLYPHENOLS ARRIVING THURSDAY: blueberries, strawberries, carrots, black grapes, ataulfo mangos, yellow onions, peaches, bell peppers, baby spinach, plums.

TRUCK PICKS: organic frozen veggies–corn, peas–organic kalamata olives, organic cashews, Redwood Hill Farms goat kefir, organic adzuki burgers, 5lb bags organic raisins, organic coconut flour, Realbeanz mocha flavor, Kevita organic living greens flavor, GT’s organic kombucha.

JUST IN CASE you didn’t make it in last week, be sure to check out the Four Nuts By Nature soap nuts, and pick up organic avocados, tomatoes, and monster russet bakers that came in fresh last Thursday.

ORGANICS FROM DESTINY ON FRIDAY: avocados, bananas, lemons, beets, ginger, lettuce, red onions. . .

Purple potatoes and other polyphenolic foods are plentiful at Rabbit Food.


JULY 1. . . RED CHECK tablecloths, picnic fare, and summer fun–make it organic this Fourth of July! Rabbit Food will be closed on Friday, July 4. We’re open normql hours on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

SAMI’S LOVERS NOTE: Sami’s said they will deliver a day late this week.  That means this week’s bread order will arrive on Thursday, not Wednesday.

WHAT ABOUT WEDNESDAY?  The Quest bar order was shipped Monday, so perhaps our new stock of bars will be here on Wednesday.  The Four Nuts By Nature soap nuts may arrive tomorrow too!

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: avocados, blueberries, raspberries, dark sweet cherries, mangos, nectarines, plums, broccoli, Boston red butter lettuce, russets, baby spinach, tomatoes.

A person could create some pretty awesome red white and blue treats with items from the list and what’s already in stock.  There are some delicious and simple recipes on http://parade.condenast.com/291514/donnaelick/top-10-strawberry-recipes-for-national-strawberry-month/?utm_source=parademagazine&utm_medium=print&utm_campaign=vanity20140629 (That’s a tip for you who may still have some frozen strawberries from the early spring blitz).

AND MORE FUN ITEMS on Thursday’s truck: Against the Grain pizza (gluten free), Realbeanz drinks, Kevita and kombucha, Trader’s Creamery drinkable yogurt in a 32oz container–can’t wait to try this after the pleasant surprise of their delicious single serve yogurt in a glass jar–organic salad dressings, cashew butter, Beanitos, grapeseed Vegenaise on sale, and a whole lot more.

See you Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at Rabbit Food.


JUNE 24. . . .OUR TROPICAL SUMMER weather suggests cool, sweet, juicy, fruit be the order of the day. This week we’re adding cherries, apricots, and pears to our plums, peaches, berries, grapes, nectarines, grapefruit, and bananas.  We also have avocados and limes with cilantro expected, for those whose culinary inspirations turn Mexican at this time of year. And because it’s all organic, you can indulge in all of it!

THE SAMI’S order is expected to arrive on Wednesday as usual.  The wheatgrass and sunflower sprout grower is out of town, but she left us with frozen organic wheatgrass juice if you need it. NOW Foods products are in, and we received a delivery of hydrate water late Friday. In case you missed it, we do have some local 100% pure honey in stock!

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY:  baby spinach, nectarines, peaches, apricots, pears, strawberries, raspberries, dark sweet cherries, carrots, cilantro. And Albert’s is supposed to deliver the long-awaited raw goat cheddar.  We’ll see. . .

THURSDAY UNFI  highlights include: Kalona organic cottage cheeses, raw pumpkin seeds, Trader Creamery organic yogurts,  Kevita probiotic drinks, Lotus organic rices, and oh so much more.

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY:  We shall order blueberries, grapefruit, lemons, broccoli or cabbage, more avocados, lettuce, tomatoes.  Don’t forget that we have crisp organic celery, purple potatoes, and plenty of onions, garlic, and ginger in our organic produce section.


SOAP NUTS?  I’m passing on info from a company called Four Nuts By Nature which sells soap nuts.  Before I commit to buying stock for Rabbit Food, I would want to know if it’s a product that interests you.  The company has a website and a page on Facebook.com/fournutsbynature. I’ll copy Matt’s blurb directly below.  The suggested retail for a smaller package of the soap nuts, a little over 1/2 pound and supposed to be good for 87 washes, is $11.95, but I think we could beat that significantly.  Here’s the pitch.  Don’t forget to give your opinion!

Here is the info I was referring to on the phone regarding a potential new product for the store. We offer a USDA, organic, all natural laundry soap and fabric softener called soap nuts that grow on a tree in the form of a berry-that looks like a nut, hence the name soap nuts. To use them, you take 4 soap nuts and put them in the all natural (made of muslin fibers) wash bag. You take the wash bag with the 4 nuts in it and you toss it in the washer (doesn’t matter if it’s a top load washer or front load high efficiency unit) and wash your clothes as you would with chemical detergent. Those four nuts will wash 4-6 loads of laundry with a standard washer or 10-15 loads if using a high efficiency washer (less water is used which increases the surfactants’ longevity). Once the shells of these nuts come in contact with water, the active ingredient Saponin, is immediately released. Saponin is an all natural surfactant which lowers the surface tension between your clothing & your wash water bonding itself to the fibers of your clothing literally lifting and removing your stains, dirt, grease and grime while simultaneously eliminating any odors and naturally softening your clothes. They are fantastic for whites, colors and delicates! Soap nuts are anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal, biodegradable, compostable, non toxic, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic! They grow on a tree called the Sapindus Mukorossi tree near Mount Everest in the Sovereign State Of Nepal. Only the ripest soap berries are selected and harvested. Once selected the pit/seed inside the shell are removed and used for decoration on the ends of the strings on our product bags and the shell containing the powerful cleansing ingredient “Saponin” is then cleaned, dried, and taken through a rigorous sterilization and certification process. Our soap nuts are USDA Certified Organic, backed by EcoCert.


Go nuts in Rabbit Food.










JUNE 17. . . .IT’S A NEW WEEK with a great lineup at Rabbit Food.  Just look–


Already in stock and just waiting for the doors to open, we have our NOW Foods order with Xyliwhite, Xyliwhite, and Xyliwhite (yep, 3 different flavors), plus sprouting seeds, peppermint oil, glucomannan, MCT oil, pine nuts, and stuff; our Cobble Creek freezer has been restocked; a freshly roasted batch of Three Bears Coffee is in.  I’m always proud to pick TN products, and one of the great things about it is knowing the source of the product.  The Three Bears coffee that Jeff roasts for us in South Knoxville, for example, comes from quality, fairly traded sources. Take a minute to read this article that he had posted on his page: Honduras Comsa

Honey flow! Thanks to Renee, the first of this year’s local honey will arrive Wednesday.  She’s delivering a couple cases of honey from Sugar Hollow Bees, an apiary in the hills near Rogersville.  Some of you may remember Gary’s honey from 2012 (we didn’t get any in from Sugar Hollow in 2013); if you got any, I know you’ll remember how good it was!

A special treat in the shape of fresh local sugar snap peas has also been promised for Wednesday.  Lisa Line of Wears Valley grows them with all-natural fertilizers and without herbicides or pesticides.  She usually takes and sells them at Gatlinburg’s farmer’s market, but she’s leaving town on vacation, so Rabbit Food gets the goodies!

Also on Wednesday, Sami’s is due, and Everything Wheatgrass will deliver organic wheatgrass, sunflower sprouts, and frozen shots of wheatgrass juice.  To top off a great Wednesday, James, our intern from last summer, will be back to greet you!


AFTER LAST week’s experience, I’m hesitant to brag about the Albert’s list of organic produce that should arrive, but here goes anyway: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, limes, mangos, nectarines, peaches, red plums, carrots, garlic, onions, purple potatoes, red potatoes, baby spinach, tomatoes. There.  If it doesn’t show up this time, I’m gonna cry.  But if it does show up, it’s organic party time at Rabbit Food! Thursday is, of course, also UNFI truck day, so expect to see our usual good selection of organic and natural products, and keep your eyes on the shelves for new stuff and great deals.


WHEN IT COMES to good prices on organic produce we can depend on Destiny.  This week, I’ve asked them to make sure we get avocados if they’re in, red and green grapes, celery, ginger, and bananas.  Destiny is our source for romaine, lemons, grapefruit, Vidalias, Pure Bliss bars, Atlanta Fresh yogurt, Heartland Mills products including organic blue cornmeal, and lots more.  Yay for Destiny.


ZERO parking woes on Saturday–pull right up to the door!

The Rabbit Food week begins on Wednesday.  Be there.









I just received a call from Albert’s Organics to tell me that my truck missed delivery to Atlanta. . . which means I take back everything I said about all the organic fruit coming in this week (raw goat cheese too–really was too good to be true!)

i called Destiny in hopes that they might be able to fill in some of the gaps, and found out instead that not only do they not have the reasonably priced fruit to offer, but they also do not have any grapes this week!

So. . .what was that I posted last week about Life shooting a bird?  Hmmmm, guess the sky isn’t falling, and I guess I’ll be looking around locally to see what’s in, what’s fresh, and what’s organic.

AND ON A BRIGHTER NOTE, the truck that isn’t bringing the Albert’s order is still on its way!  Tomorrow we get Knudsen spritzers (new product for us), Ezekiel bread, Earthbalance buttery spread with olive oil, canned organic black beans, organic buckwheat flour, pure mango nectar, vegan Monterey Jack (on sale), organic walnuts, kombucha, organic hot dog buns, organic ice cream and organic coconut milk “ice cream,” Brown Cow yogurt, almond milk pudding, beet juice, organic kalamatas, and the list goes on and on.

So there’ll be no griping at Rabbit Food, ok? (remind me)


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