DECEMBER 16. . . DON’T GET caught with your gifts unwrapped!  At least not when Bonnie and Mary will do the job for you.  Once again our inveterate volunteers, Bonnie and Mary, are wrapping gifts at Pigeon River Crossing Mall (formerly Belz Mall) near the Burke’s outlet.  They’ll be there every day through Christmas Eve from 11am to 5pm, and they do a fabulous job.  All donations for the gift wrapping goes to the SPOT spay/neuter program.  We and the pets love you Bonnie and Mary!


John (left) and Dave show off the Bestemans' maple syrup

John (left) and Dave show off the Bestemans’ maple syrup

Several lucky people bought bottles of pure maple syrup grown, tapped, processed, and brought to us directly from Michigan’s upper peninsula. John, himself an organic farmer, brought us the syrup and some maple sugar from his neighbors in Rudyard, the Bestemans. We have just a few bottles left, and it is exceptional. John also brought down some truly wild (not cultivated) wild rice. . . which is not technically a rice–it’s actually a seed. Did you know that wild rice can only be harvested by folks licensed to harvest it in the traditional way? So much to learn, so much good food! It’s nice to have friends willing to share the bounty of their region. Don’t miss out on our Northern treats!

YOU’RE GOING TO think Santa has delivered on Thursday, but really it will just be Larry on the UNFI truck. Check out the organic produce he’s bringing:
braeburn, gala, and golden delicious apples; avocados (we must have been good), bananas, cranberries, carrots, garlic, pears, green bell peppers, pineapples, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, grape tomatoes, cress.
. . .AND THE REST: organic cake mix, parmesan cheese, organic raw almond butter, Blue diamond nut thins, organic dried cranberries, organic walnuts, organic almonds, organic salad dressings, more Eden organic kraut, organic whole cloves, organic Hilary’s root burgers, cheese, chocolate, organic hempseed, Quest bars, Supereats kale chips–just sacks full of yummy stuff.

GARDEN DELIVERY CSA delivers for the last time for 2014 tomorrow. Come between 1 and 2pm to meet Theresa and learn more about this fabulous CSA and how to sign up for 2015. Sami’s should show up tomorrow also. We will get a delivery of Granola Naturals this week, and Olde Virden’s red hot pepper restocks on Friday with new reduced prices.

It’s magic this time of year at Rabbit Food.


DECEMBER 9. . . .BELIEVE IT OR NOT, we’re down to just one more UNFI order for 2014.  So if there’s something special you’ll need to tide you over until a week into the new year, be sure to get the order in via phone, email, or when you’re in the store. I’ll be placing that order next Monday night; it will arrive Thursday, December 18.  Then we won’t see a big truck again until January 8. Aaaahh, Christmas winter holiday bliss!

IN THE MEANTIME, the store is pretty well stocked, with recent orders of Barlean’s flax oil, Good Stuff Cacao, Granola Naturals, some great organic fruits including delicious mandarins and bags of this season’s apples, organic graham crackers, gluten-free Enjoy soft baked cookies, and even handpainted Christmas cards from local artist Bev.  This coming Thursday’s order has organic apple cider vinegar and Against the Grain baguettes (both of which we had been cleaned out of!), Planet and Biokleen laundry powders, organic medjool dates and organic cashew pieces, and yes: this week the Eden organic sauerkraut is not listed as out of stock!

FRIDAY FROM DESTINY, we’ll be looking for a boost in fresh organic produce.  I’ve ordered lemons, lettuce, onions, oranges, celery, sweet potatoes, red cabbage, and I hope there’ll be some avocados.

IF YOU WOULD like a Rabbit Food gift card, please ask–they are now available.

Make your list and check it twice at Rabbit Food.


DECEMBER 2. . .IT’S GOING TO TAKE a while to get to the bottom of the pile of Sami’s in the freezer. And I’ve a feeling we’re going to need that freezer space with Christmas coming. SO, this week only, buy one loaf of Sami’s from the freezer and get the second free.  I do believe we have ancient grain, sourdough, millet and flax loaves, some bagels, both kinds of lavash, pita, one pack of dinner rolls, and some low carb multi grain (that is not gluten-free). The BOGO is only on the frozen Sami’s, and ends when the bread is all sold!

DID YOU KNOW that we have lots of organic greenleaf lettuce, potatoes, celery, bananas, cranberries, tangerines, lemons, ginger, cabbage and more in the store? Also, organic roasted chestnuts are a price that is affordable to try.  The Next Organics chocolate coated dried fruits are excellent–pick up a bag or four!

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: braeburns and galas, 5lb carrots, garlic, limes, mandarins, bagged pears, baby spinach, sunflower greens, grape tomatoes, cress. (There’s a chance that we may skip the Destiny order this Friday as we are going to be chock full when this stuff arrives!)

WHAT’S ON THE TRUCK? Quite a lot of stuff!  Organic pecans, chia, and oolong tea for starters. Maple Creamery organic yogurt from 100% grass-fed is a new product we’re trying at Linda’s recommendation. I remembered to order a few boxes of Quest bars this time.  The Eden sauerkraut is apparently still out of stock, but someone asked asked for Sunja’s kimchi, and that should  be coming.  The general opinion is that Andrew and Everett butter is worth its price increase, so some of that will be on the truck.  All in all, you’d better get in and check out this week’s delivery.

Get to the bottom of what matters at Rabbit Food.


NOVEMBER 25. . . .AMIDST the many reasons for thanksgiving this year, I have to count the Garden Delivery CSA showing up on our doorstep as one of the foremost. They have us walking our talk, providing locally-grown, pesticide-free,  delicious seasonal food, fresher than anything we get trucked in, and supporting growers in our own region.  Wow! And they couldn’t deliver if they didn’t have orders, so thanks to you all for letting it happen.

RITA left a message today that a Rabbit Food customer had called looking for a cow share recently.  Well, she now has one open (though maybe not for long), so if that person was you, call Rita now!


SAMI’S SHIPPED TODAY, so will not arrive until Friday this week.  BARLEAN’S flax oil is on order and may be here as early as Wednesday.  WILDERNESS POETS nut and seed butters will show up this week sometime.  HISTORIC delivered today, so Hydrate water is available.  Fresh roasted THREE BEARS coffee came in today. I’ve placed an order with DESTINY ORGANICS for Friday delivery, and the order includes bananas, beets, cabbage, celery, lettuce, sprouts, and potatoes.

IN CASE YOU WONDERED, we do have organic sour cream, organic fresh cranberries, canned organic  pumpkin, canned organic whole cranberry sauce, yogurt and cheese, organic juices and nut butters, an array of organic nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, several gluten-free baking products including pie crusts, oils, vinegars, mayonnaise, mustards, Next Organic dark chocolate covered fruits, frozen blueberries, and more!  Call and see if we have what you’re looking for.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from all of us at Rabbit Food.

~~~Holiday closings: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day~~~~


NOVEMBER 18. . . COUNTDOWN to Thanksgiving starts now!  At Rabbit Food, we’ve ordered extra big this week to try to cover for the holiday week ahead.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to find everything you need and some good deals as well!

WEDNESDAY:  CSA delivery, Sami’s delivery, Granola Naturals delivery.  Wednesday is a good day to beat the crowds to Rabbit Food!  Find some organic grapefruit, tangerines, pears, onions, potatoes, chard, and more.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: braeburns, Fujis, Granny Smiths, cranberries, carrots, garlic, ginger, mangos, green bell peppers, pineapples, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, cress, cherry tomatoes.

UNFI TRUCK: Once again, I tried to make sure we have all of our staples.  Because  there’s no truck next week, I ordered organic olive oil, ghee, pasta and canned tomato products, sushi wraps, rice, organic dried fruit and nuts and seeds, cheeses, yogurt, kombucha and Kevita, frozen blueberries, Ezekiel, mixed vegetables, and so forth. In this year’s holiday cooking offerings, I sampled some maraschino cherries that are made with natural ingredients and was so impressed, I have some on order.  I also tested out the If You Care brand paper cake and pie pans and they really work well.  Goodbye aluminum pans! If you can find room to move in the store this week, there should be some fun pickin’s!

THE END OF THE WEEK always brings the Destiny organic produce delivery, and this week the natto will arrive Friday or Saturday.

Get a jump on the holiday at Rabbit Food.

~~~~Holiday closings: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day~~~~


NOVEMBER 11. . . .The Good Stuff Cacao arrived on Saturday.  The Xlear nasal spray and Spry mints and gum are sitting on the counter ready to be priced.  There are still some very nice organic pomegranates (at a very nice price) and organic black grapes in the produce section.  Feta is back in stock after a looooong absence.  Sami’s shipped on time this week, so should arrive tomorrow.  Special note to Sheryl: the Galil roasted chestnuts are back! And there’s more great stuff coming. . . .

UNPUBLISHED DEALS that are on order include Sambucol black elderberry products, the little bags of macadamias that we loved, Alexia frozen organic corn, Triple Leaf blood pressure tea, Enjoy cookies, Horizon stick butter.

WHEN THE SELECT NUTRITION order comes, we will have everyone’s favorite lemongrass-basil Clearly Natural soap, Redmond clay, a couple different kinds of ph drops that have been recommended by customers, and some nice Andalou hair care and body care products.

ACCORDING TO THE CONFIRMATION from UNFI, Eden sauerkraut is still out of stock.  However, we should be able to get our organic coconut butter back in, as well as Bonner organic raisins, Barbara’s cheese puffs, organic ginger, organic cranberries, organic grits, organic pistachios, organic cashews, organic adzuki beans, organic steel cut oats, some more Enjoy dark chocolate morsels, Greek Gods honey yogurt, Jeff’s jalapeños, and more.

LAST FRIDAY Destiny Organics sent us fabulous organic Swiss chard and huge and delicious romaine lettuces.  We’ll order some more fresh greens from them this week!

THINK ABOUT whether you want multiple boxes of Good Stuff Cacao, Granola Naturals bars or nuggets, and/or Olde Virden’s Red Hot Sprinkles.  The sign up sheet is now ready.

We’re just full of it at Rabbit Food.


NOVEMBER 4. . . .SUDDENLY: we’ve had our first snow and frost, we’re out of Good Stuff Cacao, baby Nicholas turned one, the 2014 calendar is getting thin, fresh cranberries have appeared on pricelists, the impossible traffic is gradually easing. . . .I had been distracted by the magic of fall in the Smokies, but now suddenly it’s time to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

WHAT THE DICKENS? If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas cakes, you’ll be happy to know that by Thursday I’ll have enough fruits for a Twelfth Cake–organic sultanas, organic raisins, organic currants, organic dates, and plenty of citrus for peel. Get soaking!

GIFT IDEAS: For anyone wanting to buy multiple packs of Good Stuff Cacao, Granola Naturals, or Olde Virden’s Red Hot Sprinkle, write your name, phone number and quantity on the list at the store (or call or email an order). I’ll place the orders on Friday, November 28, and plan on having them by Friday, December 5.

    30c per box discount on all orders of 6 or more!

WEE WOES: Sami’s (not I for a change!) messed up and didn’t ship our order until today. Not to worry; it should be here by Thursday.
I’m still waiting to hear from the Cobbles. With elections over, we may be able to get through to them soon.

YES, THURSDAY! Organic produce expected: carrots, baby spinach, cress, apples, cranberries, pink grapefruit, ginger.
November specials coming in: Artisana organic coconut oil, Dagoba organic cacao powder, Wallaby organic sour cream, Greek Gods yogurt, Organicville dijon mustard, One Degree organic sprouted flour, more.
Plus we ordered organic raw walnuts, pumpkin seed, popcorn, kale chips, cheeses, hummus, dried fruits listed above–a truckload of stuff!

Congratulations to Marsha who won a free CSA order for placing Garden Delivery’s 2001st order. If you haven’t heard about Garden Delivery CSA and would like to know more, call us or email

Xlear, Inc’s nasal spray, Spry toothpaste, mints, and gum have been shipped. Good Stuff Cacao is ordered and we’re awaiting confirmation.

Suddenly, it’s time to hop down to Rabbit Food.


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