JANUARY 27. . . .”LET IT SNOW, LET IT snow, let it. . .” And as long as we have our bags of navel oranges, as easy to peel as clementines, as juicy as liquid sunshine, we’ll be fine all winter long! Get them now at Rabbit Food.

NOW, AND THEN SELECT: This week another NOW order will arrive with nutritional yeast, xanthan gum, and more almond flour.  Then a small Select Nutrition order should come too.  If you’ve been waiting on shampoo or liquid stevia that only Select Nutrition carries, it should arrive Thursday.

REMEMBER THE line of vegan nut cheeses we had at one time?  The brand is Treeline, and there were a couple of soft cheeses and a couple of “hard” varieties.  I am now able to order these through Albert’s and have one of the soft varieties in the fridge right now! Come by and remind yourself how good these are. I will have more coming next week.  The ingredients are much more appealing than many of the vegan cheeses that we see around.

MACADAMIAS:  It must be the cold weather that’s making customers crave products from warmer climes! Organic macadamias have disappeared from the pricelist, so the ones ordered this week are not organic, but should satisfy the requests for bulk  raw macadamias.

WHAT ELSE? It’s the last week of the month, so I’ve taken advantage of the deals on Artisana coconut oil and coconut butter (both products organic and raw), Beanitos, dried organic Turkish figs, and Wallaby organic sour cream; per customer request, we will also get dark chocolate coated gojis, more Supereats kale/chia chips, Redwood Farm goat kefir, Pacific organic cashew carrot and ginger soup, organic sprouted maize cereal, organic dulse flakes, organic nori, and organic kelp seasoning, white chocolate raspberry Quest bars, and more.

WE’RE WATCHING FOR the maple syrup to arrive from Besteman’s, a fresh supply of Granola Naturals products from Mary, and fresh organic produce from Destiny Organics, to hopefully include lettuce, cabbage, red potatoes, red beets, bananas, and maybe grapefruit.  IN THE MEANTIME, there are loads of lovely organic lemons, limes, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, celery, avocados, garlic, apples, oranges, and more in the store.

Let it snow, and let the good food flow at Rabbit Food.

PS: Next Tuesday will be GF Get Acquainted lunch meetup.  Watch the Facebook page for details.


JANUARY 20 . . . . .THE BESTEMANS’ delicious maple syrup, that is.  Remember the maple syrup from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan?  This syrup requires no organic certification or grading, because it’s from forest trees and is top grade. I just called an order in to Ms. Besteman, and she will ship a case this week. The only difference is that it will be in plastic jugs as we don’t have the Bestemans’ neighbor John to provide shipping.  You don’t get better than the best!

NOW: The NOW Foods order arrived, and another is in the pipeline to fill in the gaps of out-of-stocks and what I forgot to order with the first round.  Currently in the store, we have almond flour, Xyliwhite toothpaste, organic pine nuts, some essential oils, silymarin (milk thistle) capsules, organic dry milk powder.  On order–the big bags of xylitol, organic walnuts, xanthan gum, black walnut extract, buttermilk powder, chocolate flavored stevia liquid, nutritional yeast flakes, organic hibiscus and pomegranate teas, and more.

GOOD FOOD CACAO and GRANOLA NATURALS have promised deliveries this week.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: bagged braeburns and cameos, haas avocados, carrots, garlic, limes, bell peppers, russet potatoes, baby spinach, and roma tomatoes.  Also coming from Albert’s we will have the requested Oasis Zero fat hummus, Farm Friend raw goat cheddar, and some Treeline vegan cheese.  From UNFI, we’ll try to get it straight about the coconut oil, stock up on sale priced Beanitos, get in some dried mango slices and organic date pieces, fill in the spaces on the organic cornmeal shelf, and still have all of the regular great organic and natural product selection.

ONCE AGAIN, Destiny sent us mouthwatering organic greenleaf lettuce, a green delight for midwinter. There are still some left, so get in and eat them up!  On Friday, I hope to get from them some fine organic lemons, oranges, celery, and more.

Wishing you the best at Rabbit Food.


JANUARY 13. . . NEVER TOO OLD! I recently learned that a company in Asheville sells organic yerba mate’ and was sent a very generous variety to sample.  The company’s name is Mate’ Factor, and you can check out what they sell at

Nancy Loved the loose dark roast, which is actually a very lightly roasted yerba mate’ blended with chicory, carob, and barley, making it somewhat like a substitute for coffee.  My favorite is the loose green mate’ which Gretchen turned me onto a couple of years ago.  Everyone likes the chai. The samples are on the coffee/tea sideboard in the store.  Come and treat yourself to some samples.  Who knew we had that resource virtually in our neck of the woods?

ALSO FROM OUR neck of the woods:  CSA delivery Wednesday; Historic Springs water delivery due this week; Granola Naturals delivery expected Wednesday or Thursday; Cobble Creek delivery arrived late Saturday!

. . .AND FROM “OFF”: The first NOW Foods order that I’ve done in a while has been placed.  Hopefully, it will arrive soon and have the items you’ve been waiting on, like almond flour and some essential oils.  We’re also waiting on delivery of vanilla beans and tins of Greek olive oil from Sahadi’s in Brooklyn. And, of, course, Sami’s.

THURSDAY’S TRUCK: Organics–flax seed, rye flour, coconut oil, Annie’s snack mix, Bionaturae fruit nectars, buckwheat flour, bulk cornmeal, steel cut oats, canned garbanzo beans, jars of salsa, turmeric and cinnamon powders, yerba mate’ teas, coconut milk, sprouted whole wheat flour, vanilla extract, sour cream, more. . .

Favorites: frozen blueberries, Beanitos, Supereats kale chips, Barbara’s cheese puffs, xylitol, Quest bars, Minerva gouda cheese, ginger chews, vegan mozzarella shreds, Enjoy dark chocolate morsels, EarthBalance buttery spread, more. . .

DESTINY sent the most fabulous organic greenleaf lettuces and crispiest organic celery last week.  We also have organic loose cameo apples.  There’s more to check out in store too.  So come in now and come back Friday for even more!

We’re constantly learning at Rabbit Food.


JANUARY 6. . . .2015 IS OFF to a great start with the first Garden Delivery CSA dropoff of the year happening tomorrow at Rabbit Food.  This week the list included spinach, turnip, mustard and collard greens, two kinds of kale, honey, eggs, turnips (tender sweet little ones), two kinds of mushrooms, mushroom powder, handmade soap–quite an offering of hearty organic local products to be delivered fresh to our doorstep on a midwinter’s day. Thanks Garden Delivery!

MUSHROOM LOVERS need to know that Brewer’s wonderful gourmet mushrooms are available through the CSA .  And since there’s no minimum order, you can order just mushrooms if that’s what you want!

SAMI’S COMES FRIDAY this week, because the order I emailed last Friday was somehow overlooked.  Better late than never, and there’s a variety in the freezer if you can’t wait until Friday.

BRRRRRRRR. . . .DOES ANYONE want to get up at 4 on Thursday morning to unload the UNFI truck?  Just kidding! Roger and I and Larry, our trusty UNFI driver, are only too happy to count boxes and tell silly stories while you sleep.  After a very relaxing holiday break, we’re now ready to restock jars and cans of organic tomatoes, salmon and sardines, coconut milk, kombucha, cacao powder, organic nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, gluten-free products, coconut oil, cheese, yogurt, and butter, and a pile more. An Albert’s order comes on the same truck; this week’s organic produce lineup: carrots, garlic, ginger, pears, bell peppers, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, cress. (So I guess they were out of the apples and sunflower sprouts I ordered).

FRIDAY IS DESTINY DAY, so we’ll get fresh organic lettuce, celery, sweet potatoes, cabbage, and red onions at the same time the Sami’s is coming in!  We also have an order of natto that should arrive on Friday.

It’s already a happy new year at Rabbit Food.


DECEMBER 30. . .TOMORROW IS THE LAST day of 2014 (a fact which we older bunnies are finding difficult to grasp). It’s also the last day for entire inventory discounts at Rabbit Food!  Start the New Year out right–stock up tomorrow.


WHAT’S IN STOCK:  organic red potatoes, organic gold potatoes, fabulous organic sweet potatoes at a GREAT price (had to twist Destiny’s arm to get them), organic braeburns, organic golden delicious (really delicious), organic black eyed peas (both dried and canned), organic raisins and other organic dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, Three Bear’s Coffee, Good Stuff Cacao, Wyman’s blueberries, Against the Grain baguettes, tons of organic oats, grits, flours, spices, rices, beans, canned goods, raw cheeses, and–you know–the entire Rabbit Food repertoire.

PLACING AN ORDER:  We will place an order with Destiny this week, so you can expect a few fresh greens and lemons on Friday.  Fresh sounds good, yes?

Come prepare for a Happy New Year at Rabbit Food.


DECEMBER 23. . . .YOU CAN BET the coming days will be golden days. . . .especially at Rabbit Food where Albert’s sent 2 cases of organic golden delicious instead of a case of galas! Oh well, let’s be merry and bright and enjoy the organic fruits–bananas, avocados, apples, oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, lemons, limes, pineapples–that are full of the vitamins that will keep us healthy through the season.

OPEN WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY: Rabbit Food will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and open all other regular Rabbit Food hours.  See you tomorrow for Sami’s!

DELIVERIES:  I know Santa will be delivering to our super-nice customers.  Rabbit Food has been good too and will get Sami’s and Granola Naturals and Three Bears Coffee. So if you’re looking for last minute gifts, consider freshly roasted and aromatic coffee beans, wholesome and delicious peanutty nuggets, or make a basket of healthy goodies for someone you really care for.

WRAP IT UP:  Mary and Bonnie are still at the old Belz Mall, now Pigeon River Crossing, wrapping gifts for donations to the SPOT spay/neuter program.  They do a gorgeous job.  Get down there before 5pm on Wednesday.

SINCE IT IS the end of another year, it’s a good time to thank all of our customers for their patronage, conversation, advice, laughter, suggestions, smiles, stories, and support.  We really love seeing and serving every one of you.  Thanks for coming, and have a beautiful Christmas and New Year.


DECEMBER 16. . . DON’T GET caught with your gifts unwrapped!  At least not when Bonnie and Mary will do the job for you.  Once again our inveterate volunteers, Bonnie and Mary, are wrapping gifts at Pigeon River Crossing Mall (formerly Belz Mall) near the Burke’s outlet.  They’ll be there every day through Christmas Eve from 11am to 5pm, and they do a fabulous job.  All donations for the gift wrapping goes to the SPOT spay/neuter program.  We and the pets love you Bonnie and Mary!


John (left) and Dave show off the Bestemans' maple syrup

John (left) and Dave show off the Bestemans’ maple syrup

Several lucky people bought bottles of pure maple syrup grown, tapped, processed, and brought to us directly from Michigan’s upper peninsula. John, himself an organic farmer, brought us the syrup and some maple sugar from his neighbors in Rudyard, the Bestemans. We have just a few bottles left, and it is exceptional. John also brought down some truly wild (not cultivated) wild rice. . . which is not technically a rice–it’s actually a seed. Did you know that wild rice can only be harvested by folks licensed to harvest it in the traditional way? So much to learn, so much good food! It’s nice to have friends willing to share the bounty of their region. Don’t miss out on our Northern treats!

YOU’RE GOING TO think Santa has delivered on Thursday, but really it will just be Larry on the UNFI truck. Check out the organic produce he’s bringing:
braeburn, gala, and golden delicious apples; avocados (we must have been good), bananas, cranberries, carrots, garlic, pears, green bell peppers, pineapples, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, grape tomatoes, cress.
. . .AND THE REST: organic cake mix, parmesan cheese, organic raw almond butter, Blue diamond nut thins, organic dried cranberries, organic walnuts, organic almonds, organic salad dressings, more Eden organic kraut, organic whole cloves, organic Hilary’s root burgers, cheese, chocolate, organic hempseed, Quest bars, Supereats kale chips–just sacks full of yummy stuff.

GARDEN DELIVERY CSA delivers for the last time for 2014 tomorrow. Come between 1 and 2pm to meet Theresa and learn more about this fabulous CSA and how to sign up for 2015. Sami’s should show up tomorrow also. We will get a delivery of Granola Naturals this week, and Olde Virden’s red hot pepper restocks on Friday with new reduced prices.

It’s magic this time of year at Rabbit Food.


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