MARCH 24. . . .WE OFTEN get requests for cleanly grown or organic chicken.  If you’re one who’s looking for clean chicken meat, or if you know someone who is, don’t miss this opportunity! Contact Tyler immediately:

He is taking orders now, right away, before Saturday, don’t delay! More information is on his Facebook page:

HAVE I FORGOTTEN ANYTHING? Let’s see. . . a NOW Foods order is in transit, Sami’s is on the way as usual, Granola Naturals will restock our peanutty nuggets and peanut butter bars, Greek olive oil and Lebanese olive oil soap are coming, a Xlear order (Spry products) has been made, and Wilderness Poets nut butters are on the way too.  Top that off with plenty of Three Bears coffee–decaf especially, a fresh shipment of Good Stuff Cacao raw chocolate, Megumi natto, and a new batch of Olde Virden’s Red Hot pepper that arrived last week. These are all in addition to the big truck delivery on Thursday and the Destiny Organics produce delivery on Friday.  I don’t think I’ve forgotten a thing!

STAPLES: Rely on Rabbit Food for your organic and natural foods staples.  We always have your favorite dried fruits, nuts, seeds, an awesome array of dried beans, canned beans, rices, cereals, meal and grits, teas, spices, edible oils, vinegars, pastas, frozen items, juices, yogurts, crackers, snack bars, fresh fruits and vegetables, cleaning items, and personal care items.  ooh–and chocolate.  If you’re a Garden delivery CSA member too, then it’s the friendliest one-stop shopping in town!

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY:  so far on order are lemons, red beets, red cabbage, celery, baby bellas, sweet potatoes. Destiny says they are all out of apples, but I know there are still some juicing pink ladies (bruised, but certainly good enough to eat too) and some red delicious. We still have loads of fresh green cabbage and greenleaf lettuce.  Both the yellow and red potatoes are tiny new delicious spuds! Pink grapefruit is awesome right now and a great price too. Yum.  Come in now.

Rabbit Food is for you.



I went hunting information on another organic heirloom bean that was on the UNFI pricelist–the Christmas lima bean.  The images I found on the Rancho Gordo website did not look appealing.  However, the information and reviews sold me, including the reviewer who very simply said; “Excellent.  Not your momma’s lima beans.” :)

According to the website, Christmas limas originally came from Peru, are also known here as chestnut limas, and are called Pope’s beans in Italy. They are described as having a chestnut flavor (how interesting), and the site author says, “If you grew up thinking you hated limas, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.”  Rabbit Food is giving this one a try.  Expect them in on Thursday.

WEDNESDAY:  CSA day, Sami’s day.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: avocados, carrots, ginger, limes, pineapples, red potatoes, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, cress. (The Albert’s order should also contain some raw goat cheddar, which should be a wonderful complement to the Christmas limas.)

AND TO CAP THAT OFF, on Friday, Destiny Organics should be bringing greenleaf, some red delicious, broccoli, more of that wonderfully fresh cabbage, celery, and some.

TREAT YOURSELF to something  beautiful:

Who knew this was right here, smack dab in the middle of Sevier County?  We’re looking to see more of Pat and her husband’s lavender farm products this summer!

Rabbit Food:  not your momma’s grocery store!


Apologies. . .the link in the last blog entry doesn’t work.  Try   instead!


MARCH 10. . . .YOU JUST don’t know what you have–until you haven’t!  Do you know how hard it is to cook a meal without an onion?  Pretty difficult in my house, so I’m rationing the last organic onion until Friday when the next Destiny truck should make it in.  Here’s what I’ve ordered:

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY: bagged braeburn and loose fuji apples, pink grapefruit, lemons, oranges, beets, broccoli, green cabbage, cauliflower, celery, greenleaf lettuce, baby bella mushrooms, yellow onions, red onions, sweet potatoes, lacinato kale, and yellow potatoes. (The icy weather forecast for last Thursday night caused last Friday’s Destiny delivery to be canceled.)

STILL IN STOCK: There’s nice looking organic produce still in stock, including russet bakers, ginger, garlic, red bell peppers, a few bags of pink lady apples, a few oranges and grapefruit–both of which are deeelightful, by the way–and perhaps another item or two that has slipped my mind.  Garden Delivery CSA is also delivering tomorrow, so if you haven’t found out about this great resource, now’s the time to ask!

A VEGETARIAN TASTING AND HEALTH FAIR will be held this coming Sunday, March 15. It’s a free family event and takes place from 12:30 to 6:00 pm at Knoxville First Seventh-day Adventist Church, 3611 Kingston Pike. For more information, call 264-3894 or go to             Thanks for the info, David!

INCOMING FROM UNFI: This week our delivery should include organic frozen corn, organic decaf. green tea, Andrew and Everett parmesan, 5lb bags of organic raisins and organic popcorn, organic deglet dates, organic French lentils, organic oats, Kalona organic cottage cheese, organic poppy seeds and more. I’m told the organic banana chips are out of stock, and that 1 gallon Bragg’s apple cider vinegar is discontinued from our warehouse.

IF YOU MISSED out on Sami’s last week due to our unusual Wednesday rush, there should be plenty to go around this Wednesday.  Call Lisa if you would like her to hold you some.

HISTORIC SPRINGS:  Glenda explained that the reason water has been slow coming is that they can’t pump when there’s too much surface water. . .which there has been lately!  Hopefully, we’ll get some Hydrate this week.

It’s time to spring back into Rabbit Food!  See you there.


MARCH 3. . . .HAPPY TO SEE narcissus and grape hyacinth poking through the ground, bees coming out for fresh air during the sunshine of Sunday afternoon, Garden Delivery CSA will deliver this week, and all is generally well with the seasons and the world.

FAVORITES ON SALE: Some of our favorite items are on sale this month, including Against the Grain baguettes, Beanitos chips, Planet powdered laundry detergent.  We still have a supply of Artisana organic cashew butter and quart bottles of Bragg apple cider vinegar that were on sale in February. And if you’re in the mood to try something new, how about Kevita organic probiotic drink apple kale flavor?  It’s on sale this month too.  You’ll find it in the fridge.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: ‘Tis the week for a delivery of produce from Albert’s Organics and we will be getting carrots, garlic, ginger, pears, baby spinach, and cress.

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY:  (Oops, that reminds me that I must get the order in!) I will see if I can get more braeburns, some cameos, bananas, lemons, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, onions.

THREE BEARS DECAF is restocked. Did you try the new bar from Granola Naturals? It’s a treat–complete with crispy rice!

We’re happy to see you at Rabbit Food.


FEBRUARY 24. . . .IT’S cold outside, so let’s talk about food! Warm, winter-wonderful food.  Fresh, energizing food.  Organic Rabbit Food.

ALTHOUGH THE CSA has had to cancel its Wednesday delivery, Sami’s should be delivered tomorrow, and Renee has assured us that she will be in town with eggs.  Hopefully, Historic Springs will be able to make a Hydrate delivery soon too.

THURSDAY’S TRUCK promises ALO drinks, organic cashew butter, sale-priced Bragg apple cider vinegar, organic medjool dates, organic date pieces in oat flour, organic figs, canned organic pintos, canned organic olives, dark chocolate coated goji berries, Justin’s organic peanut butter cups, organic palm oil, avocado oil, and more. The heirloom beans–the organic flageolets and organic black orcas–have been a treat to prepare and eat, just the thing for snow days. Next week, I’ll look to try a few more unusual sounding soup beans to see the cold weather out!

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY: grapefruit, broccoli, red cabbage, celery greenleaf, baby bellas, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, braeburn apples, pink lady apples.

WHY WAIT? There are delicious items of organic produce in stock right now.  Carrots are fresh, and there are still a couple of bunches of celery.  The green cabbage looks great, and there are bagged red potatoes and bagged yellow potatoes, plus a few sweet potatoes still left.  The garlic and ginger looks great.  Probably best of all right now are the navel oranges; the peeling falls away really easily, the fruit breaks into sections, and it tastes wonderfully fresh and juicy and mmmm! Lemons and limes are also in the organic produce section, and the romas look wonderful and are a good price too.  Speaking of good price, the best right now is on the red peppers, and there are plenty. Did I mention onions, red and yellow both?  No need to wait–delicious organic food is here!

Winter is wonderful with Rabbit Food



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