FEBRUARY 24. . . .IT’S cold outside, so let’s talk about food! Warm, winter-wonderful food.  Fresh, energizing food.  Organic Rabbit Food.

ALTHOUGH THE CSA has had to cancel its Wednesday delivery, Sami’s should be delivered tomorrow, and Renee has assured us that she will be in town with eggs.  Hopefully, Historic Springs will be able to make a Hydrate delivery soon too.

THURSDAY’S TRUCK promises ALO drinks, organic cashew butter, sale-priced Bragg apple cider vinegar, organic medjool dates, organic date pieces in oat flour, organic figs, canned organic pintos, canned organic olives, dark chocolate coated goji berries, Justin’s organic peanut butter cups, organic palm oil, avocado oil, and more. The heirloom beans–the organic flageolets and organic black orcas–have been a treat to prepare and eat, just the thing for snow days. Next week, I’ll look to try a few more unusual sounding soup beans to see the cold weather out!

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY: grapefruit, broccoli, red cabbage, celery greenleaf, baby bellas, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, braeburn apples, pink lady apples.

WHY WAIT? There are delicious items of organic produce in stock right now.  Carrots are fresh, and there are still a couple of bunches of celery.  The green cabbage looks great, and there are bagged red potatoes and bagged yellow potatoes, plus a few sweet potatoes still left.  The garlic and ginger looks great.  Probably best of all right now are the navel oranges; the peeling falls away really easily, the fruit breaks into sections, and it tastes wonderfully fresh and juicy and mmmm! Lemons and limes are also in the organic produce section, and the romas look wonderful and are a good price too.  Speaking of good price, the best right now is on the red peppers, and there are plenty. Did I mention onions, red and yellow both?  No need to wait–delicious organic food is here!

Winter is wonderful with Rabbit Food



FEBRUARY 19. . . .I don’t think any explanation is required!  Stay warm, eat well, and we’ll see you about the time the pantry’s looking bare.


FEBRUARY 17. . . .WELL, ICE rather than crystal–very beautiful, and very cold!  I hope your power’s still on, or if not, that you’re warm and in a situation where you can appreciate the quietness.

CLOSINGS/DELAYS?  I’m not planning on any, but it may be out of my control.  Please watch this site or Rabbit Food Sevierville on Facebook when planning to shop at Rabbit Food this week.

BESTEMAN’S IS BACK: We received our latest delivery of Besteman’s maple syrup last Saturday!

WEDNESDAY:  Sami’s has shipped and should arrive tomorrow.  No CSA delivery this week. No eggs from Renee tomorrow either.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: Assuming no delays, we’ll get carrots, ginger, limes, Fair Trade red bell peppers, red potatoes, baby spinach and cress.

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY:  Destiny has confirmed green cabbage, greenleaf lettuce, broccoli, fuji apples, lemons, oranges, avocados, celery, and roma tomatoes.

GOOD WINTER EATING: Those fresh organic greens and fruit sure taste good, and there’ll be even more hearty eating on the truck delivery. If you haven’t picked up a bag of organic cranberry beans or black orca beans, get some this week–they’re too pretty to pass up.  Organic green split peas sound like just the thing for sustaining soups.  More organic whole einkorn flour is ordered if you’re in a mood to bake; there are new Larabars and Pure Organics bars on order. Also new are an organic gluten free cracker by Lukes.  Traditional Medicinals’ Throat Coat is expected Thursday, as is too much yogurt! (after a week or two of not enough).  As always, we have lots of organic dried fruit, nuts, and seeds in stock.

Get organic fever at Rabbit Food.


FEBRUARY 10. . . . “ORCA BEANS, also known as calypso beans, are a small and tasty heirloom bean, gorgeously dappled in black and white.” I found this description and some images online when I went looking to find out exactly what black orca beans are. Dappled beans sound pretty enough to eat; I decided to order the organic black orcas, some organic cranberry beans, and some organic green flageolet beans.  Can’t wait to see them–can’t wait to taste them!

SEYMOUR FARMER’S MARKET  is sponsoring some gardening classes in the coming weeks.  The first one has already passed, but you don’t have to miss the next three workshops:  “Starting Plants from Seed” on February 19, “Soil” on March 5, and “Raised Beds” on March 19.  Call or email Marjie for info: 453-0130 or

DON’T HAVE TIME  OR SPACE to garden?  Then join a CSA!  We have a choice of two locally–there’s Garden Delivery CSA, contactable at, and there’s Promiseland Farm, contactable at 865-356-4092.

A NOD TO VALENTINE’S DAY: Per customer request, we have Chocolove dark chocolate with cherries and milk chocolate with peach and pecan on the way.  Forget the flowers, guys; we just want chocolate!

APART FROM beans and chocolate, we will be getting in some organic almonds, organic dates, organic dried banana chips, organic coconut flour and coconut palm sugar, organic sprouted flours, Quest bars, organic juices, Sambuco elderberry pastilles, organic olive oil, synergy kombucha, and gosh, all kinds of good things.

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY: cameo apples, avocados, beets, broccoli, greenleaf lettuce, yellow onions, yellow potatoes.  Organic produce in stock includes garlic, Hawaiian ginger, navel oranges, fuji apples, red potatoes, russet potatoes, red cabbage, avocados, green cabbage, green bell peppers, lemons, and fat sweet potatoes!

WE EXPECT Natto and a NOW Foods delivery this week, as well as Sami’s, Granola Naturals, and Historic Springs.  We already received a Three Bears Coffee drop off. Check in to see what we have.

Get gorgeously dappled and good-for-you food at Rabbit Food.


FEBRUARY 3. . . .WE’RE GETTING ADJUSTED to the new year, higher prices on nuts and dairy, changes in some delivery schedules, and are now settling into the new normal routine.  Here are some things that have changed and how it’s affecting Rabbit Food:

PRICE INCREASES: The price of nuts, both organic and conventional have increased tremendously over the past year.  As you know, I order bulk on these items to get the best prices and that means ordering a minimum of 25lb.  Thus, I sometimes have to make choices when ordering as each case is a huge cost.  This week that choice was for organic walnuts over organic pecans–both expensive,  but pecans more so. I always welcome orders of 5lb or more, and that definitely influences my willingness to fork out for an item!

ORGANIC PRODUCE ORDERING: Those customers who like the organic produce best of all will have noticed that I now get fresh produce in every other Thursday rather than every Thursday.  That’s because Albert’s upped their minimum order to an amount that I couldn’t sustain.  I do still order weekly from Destiny, so there will continue to be a regular Friday delivery of organic produce.  Destiny, however, has shrunk their list of produce, so occasionally I miss out on items that customers have come to expect to find. On the other hand, Garden Delivery CSA delivers reliably every Wednesday, and as a faithful purchasing member, I encourage you to participate and discover the delights of locally grown seasonal organic produce.  In fact, there’s also information at the store now about the Eakins’ CSA which has openings for the new season.  Five years ago, who would have guessed that we would have had such fabulous resources so close to home?

AND ABOUT SAMI’S. . . .I think I’ve finally figured them out and should now be back to receiving orders on Wednesdays and ordering all of our favorite items!


THURSDAY: avocados, carrots, garlic, ginger, lemons, bell peppers, baby spinach, tomatoes, cress

FRIDAY: sweet potatoes, navel oranges, fuji apples, romaine, celery

OFF THE UNFI TRUCK: Bubbie’s horseradish, Eden organic sauerkraut, Fruitable dog treats (Lisa’s dogs’ favorite), canned organic coconut milk, Pamela’s GF biscuit and scone mix, Quest bars, Simple Mills GF muffin mix with almond flour, Nugo bars, organic turmeric, GF egg pasta, sprouted organic tofu, Organicville dijon mustard and original barbeque sauce, yogurt, blueberries, Real salt, plus more.

Get adjusted to Rabbit Food.


JANUARY 27. . . .”LET IT SNOW, LET IT snow, let it. . .” And as long as we have our bags of navel oranges, as easy to peel as clementines, as juicy as liquid sunshine, we’ll be fine all winter long! Get them now at Rabbit Food.

NOW, AND THEN SELECT: This week another NOW order will arrive with nutritional yeast, xanthan gum, and more almond flour.  Then a small Select Nutrition order should come too.  If you’ve been waiting on shampoo or liquid stevia that only Select Nutrition carries, it should arrive Thursday.

REMEMBER THE line of vegan nut cheeses we had at one time?  The brand is Treeline, and there were a couple of soft cheeses and a couple of “hard” varieties.  I am now able to order these through Albert’s and have one of the soft varieties in the fridge right now! Come by and remind yourself how good these are. I will have more coming next week.  The ingredients are much more appealing than many of the vegan cheeses that we see around.

MACADAMIAS:  It must be the cold weather that’s making customers crave products from warmer climes! Organic macadamias have disappeared from the pricelist, so the ones ordered this week are not organic, but should satisfy the requests for bulk  raw macadamias.

WHAT ELSE? It’s the last week of the month, so I’ve taken advantage of the deals on Artisana coconut oil and coconut butter (both products organic and raw), Beanitos, dried organic Turkish figs, and Wallaby organic sour cream; per customer request, we will also get dark chocolate coated gojis, more Supereats kale/chia chips, Redwood Farm goat kefir, Pacific organic cashew carrot and ginger soup, organic sprouted maize cereal, organic dulse flakes, organic nori, and organic kelp seasoning, white chocolate raspberry Quest bars, and more.

WE’RE WATCHING FOR the maple syrup to arrive from Besteman’s, a fresh supply of Granola Naturals products from Mary, and fresh organic produce from Destiny Organics, to hopefully include lettuce, cabbage, red potatoes, red beets, bananas, and maybe grapefruit.  IN THE MEANTIME, there are loads of lovely organic lemons, limes, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, celery, avocados, garlic, apples, oranges, and more in the store.

Let it snow, and let the good food flow at Rabbit Food.

PS: Next Tuesday will be GF Get Acquainted lunch meetup.  Watch the Facebook page for details.


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