SEPTEMBER 16. . . .OUR FIRST CSA delivery will be tomorrow at 1pm.  If you have an order arriving, come early and meet Stephen and Theresa while they’re here. If you don’t have an order, come anyway, and see what this is all about.  It’s the best Rabbit Food adventure in ages!

FROZEN BLUEBERRIES:  What are they?  We haven’t seen any in stock for several weeks, but they are not listed as out of stock this week.  Wow.  I’m looking forward to seeing the freezer stocked again.

COBBLE CREEK delivered today.  We now have plenty of meat in the freezer.  The ground beef price has increased by about 90c/lb.

SAMI’S BREAD arrives tomorrow.  Extra millet and flax pita is ordered–hopefully, there’ll be enough for everyone who wants to try some.

GOOD STUFF CACAO is also en route.  This week, I’ve ordered some of the new trail mix with Himalayan salt variety along with the other Good Stuff flavors.  These make great gifts.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: gold apples, red cabbage, limes, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, cress, garnet yams.

HIGHLIGHTS  from the UNFI order include, as well as the frozen wild blueberries: organic pistachios, organic garlic granules, Redwood Hill goat yogurt, and large bags of Pamela’s gluten-free mixes–bread, pancake, artisan flour blend, pizza crust.

A SELECT NUTRITION order is coming, with Sambucol elderberry syrups (yep, it’s that share-a-virus time again), stevia clear liquid, liquid iodine, and more.

FRIDAY IS ALWAYS Destiny delivery day.  I’ll be ordering more organic potatoes, organic lemons, organic lettuce, organic celery, organic cabbage, and other goodies.

Come to Rabbit Food and have a big day.


SEPTEMBER 9. . . .Garden Delivery CSA comes to Sevierville!  The first delivery to Rabbit Food will be on Wednesday,  September 17 around 1pm.  If you want to be included, email Stephen and Theresa: gardendelivery@gmail.com  You will be sent information, a list of what’s going to be available next week, and your job will be to email back your order by Monday night and pick up fresh, locally-grown, pesticide-free garden produce sometime between 1pm and 5pm on Wednesday (or call Lisa if you’re running late).

Q: How good is this?

A: Let me just begin to count the ways:

  • High quality food–it’s pesticide-free and grown by local farmers.
  • Low food miles–unlike the produce I order from out-of-state distributors, this produce is not shipped hundreds or thousands of miles.
  • We’ll be able to buy produce that, due to lack of refrigeration plus too many food miles, I rarely or never order (e.g. cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, etc.)
  • It’s a sustainable way to eat real food and it supports small farmers.
  • You only have to order if, when, and what you want!

THE SAMI’S DEBACLE: After raving about the millet and flax pita last week, Sami’s mistakenly sent us some white wheat pita :(  Hopefully, that will get straightened out this time.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings. . . .

NOW FOODS ON THE WAY:  the NOW order is in and should arrive by Thursday.  If you’re waiting on guar gum, glucomannan, almond flour, pine nuts, or nutritional yeast, watch for the NOW order.


ORGANIC PRODUCE: avocados, gold supreme apples, carrots, ginger, nectarines, watercress, sunflower sprouts, baby spinach, red bell peppers, nectarines, bagged onions.


UNFI: organic nuts, dried fruits, seeds–walnuts, medjools, cranberries, ginger, chia; organic nuts and seed butters– peanut butter, coconut butter, sunflower butter; Quest bars; Redwood kefir; more.


More organic produce from Destiny!

The future is bright at Rabbit Food.






SEPTEMBER 2. . . .SAMI’S SENT A SAMPLE of millet and flax pita bread last week.  My family demolished it in short order!  I think it’s a bread that will become a favorite for several of you. Another plus: the millet flour and ground flax are organic.  There’s some en route to us now. Which reminds me–as Monday was a holiday, the Sami’s shipment will not arrive until Thursday this week.

WOULD IT HELP?  Wednesday tends to be a less-busy day at Rabbit Food, which would make it ideal for CSA delivery.  However, I understand that the 5pm closing time may prevent some potential CSAers from being able to pick up.  Would it help if Rabbit Food stayed open until 6 on Wednesdays?  If so, let Stephen or Theresa know: gardendelivery@gmail.com

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY:  garlic, black plums, baby spinach (plenty this time), sunflower sprouts (so, so good), and watercress.

ORGANIC PRODUCE IN STOCK: lemons, limes, ginger, grapefruit, avocados, bananas, gold potatoes, red onions, yellow onions, cabbages, red peppers, pineapples, carrots.

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY: if Destiny has them, we’ll get lettuce, sweet potatoes, oranges, red potatoes, maybe some kale, celery, and any other organic that takes our fancy!

FROM UNFI:  the big bags of frozen blueberries are still showing as out of stock, so I’ve ordered 1 lb bags to tide us over.  Some other highlights of the order are Bach Rescue gum, organic golden raisins, Ezekiel 4.9, Beanitos,  mirin cooking wine, Hilary’s root burgers, Drew’s organic Asian ginger dressing, ghee, carob chips.


FROM GRANOLA NATURALS:  Hae you noticed something different about the peanutty nuggets?   Mary is now making some that are all nuggets, no chocolate.  Worth trying!

Try somethings old and somethings new at Rabbit Food.




AUGUST 26. . . .IF YOU’RE FINDING the heat and humidity a little hard to take, just look at all the cool things to be found in your hometown Sevierville:


HOT AUGUST ART: Join Bev and the gang this Friday evening at Two Coyotes Studio on High Street for their Hot August Art show.  It goes from 5 until 9PM.  See you there!


LAST HURRAH HEIRLOOMS:  The last message from Farmer Ben’s is that the remaining heirloom tomato harvest will be delivered freshly picked to Rabbit Food on Wednesday afternoon.  Get your Cherokee purples, green zebras, garden peach, blush, and gooseberry tomatoes one more time.

MORE TOMATO NEWS: Need some quality organic tomatoes for canning?  Destiny has 25lb boxes of organic romas and 20lb boxes of organic slicing tomatoes on sale for $31 per box. These were grown at Cane Creek Farm in North Carolina and will arrive Friday.  Let us know if you want a box reserved.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: ginger gold apples, avocados, bananas, carrots, ginger, limes, red onions, red bell peppers, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, watercress.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE UNFI DELIVERY: Bubbie’s pickles (so Shannon doesn’t have to drive to Knoxville for them!), organic sage tea, Andalou hair and skin products, Beanito chips, Bonne Maman raspberry preserves, organic banana chips, organic cranberries, and more!

TRUCKING THIS WAY: Sami’s bread (of course), Good Stuff Cacao, NOW Foods order, vanilla beans, Granola Naturals.

DESTINY: Drop in Friday for fresh organic produce from Destiny–this week we’ll order more lemons, greenleaf lettuce, celery, green cabbage, baby bella mushrooms; can you think of anything else?  There are still grapes left from last week, and they are great! 

There’s no need to pollute the highways when everything you need is right here!


AUGUST 19. . . FURTHER TO THE possibility of Sevierville joining Garden Delivery CSA, Stephen has proposed an early Wednesday afternoon drop at Rabbit Food.  Boxes would be left inside Rabbit Food for customers to pick up.  Once again, for more details contact gardendelivery@gmail.com and be sure to make it clear that you’re from Sevier County.

THE RAIN kept us from getting our Summer Blues blueberries last week.  We’ve had some heavy showers so far this week, but I see hot weather in the forecast.  Call the store for updates on the berries, and we’ll let you know what Shirley and Jay will have for us.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY:  baby spinach, watercress, sunflower sprouts, pears, grapes.

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY: bananas, ginger, baby bok choi, lettuce, onions, sweet potatoes, but oh! No avocados–(run in Wednesday to get the remaining ripe but perfect avos left from last Friday.)

WEDNESDAY: Sami’s and fresh Three Bears Coffee.

THURSDAY: UNFI delivery including restocks of organic hemp seed, organic coconut flour, carob powder, organic gf tamari, Kevita, Greek Gods yogurt, grapeseed oil, and a new product called Swerve requested by Michael.

FRIDAY: We’re expecting our Select order to arrive with the chocolate chunk Quest bars, food grade hydrogen peroxide, and more.

READY AND WAITING: Rabbit Food has Good Stuff cacao, Granola Naturals peanutty nuggets and bars, Historic Springs water, Four Nuts By Nature soap nuts, and an array of quality products for you.

It’s always worth browsing around Rabbit Food.


AUGUST 12. . . IF YOU PICKED UP a copy of the 2014 East Tennessee Local Food Guide, go to page 17 and read about Garden Delivery CSA. Stephen Clements, himself a farmer as well as director of the CSA, dropped by Rabbit Food on Saturday afternoon to talk about the possibility of a Sevier County drop. Heck yeah! is my response. What do you think? I like that there are currently 5 farms, so a variety of produce (recently including apples, according to Stephen) is offered. I like that all the farms are pesticide free and use organic practices. I like the fact of no requirement to order and no minimum order. Really, what’s to not like about it? If you think you’d like to see a Sevier County delivery, please contact Stephen and let him know: gardendelivery@gmail.com

OUR SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN. . .It seems not so long ago that we viewed the North Carolina side of the mountains with a little envy. Now, instead, there’s a growing healthy local food community right here. In case you didn’t already know about it, the Eakins have a CSA as well as dairy shares and honey. Gatlinburg and Sevierville have weekly farmer’s markets in season, and Seymour has had one for several years. At Rabbit Food you’ll find local honey, Granola Naturals treats, Summer Blues blueberries, Olde Virden’s red hot peppers, Historic Springs high ph water, coffee freshly roasted in Knoxville by Three Bears. . . . Why leave home?

WEDNESDAY: Sami’s bread, blueberries (if Shirley and Jay can pick between rain showers!).
THURSDAY: organic produce from Albert’s includes garlic, carrots, loose white onions, red bell peppers, baby spinach. From UNFI I’ve ordered a new product called Nuttzo that is a nut butter made from a combination of organic nuts and seeds. Our usual lineup of refrigerated, frozen, and shelf stable organic foods is on the way too. Maybe our Good Stuff reorder will also arrive. Perhaps Farmer Ben will bring some more heirloom tomatoes from Wears Valley Ranch.
FRIDAY: organic produce from Destiny–we’ll aim for lettuce, avocados, and more.

Pick up a free Local Food Guide at Rabbit Food.



AUGUST 5. . . WITH THEIR lemony tangy-ness, the green zebras were a delightfully tasty heirloom tomato treat as well as a bright and colorful one. My favorite, though, were the sweeter garden peach tomatoes, light yellow, juicy, with slightly fuzzy skins. Farmer Ben (see last week’s Facebook post) is bringing more heirloom tomatoes to us on Thursday. We’ll get green zebras, garden peach, blush, gooseberry, and the Cherokee purples are a maybe. Make picking some up a certainty this week!

MORE GOOD STUFF Cacao is on the way. The NOW Foods order will replenish our nutritional yeast, neem oil, and Xyliwhite supplies. Kenny’s Cheese is sending us some jalapeño Jack and Asiago cheeses. UNFI will include organic pappardelle egg noodles from Bionaturae, organic pistachios, organic pecans, organic dried cranberries, organic red lentils, and organic coconut oil and coconut butter, plus much more on its load. Our Granola Naturals stash is looking good, and Summer Blues promises another extra gallon of blueberries with our order this week.

ORGANIC PRODUCE THURSDAY: nectarines, onions, pears, baby spinach, sunflower sprouts, watercress–great organic greens for juicing, salads, or just plain nibbling! We still have perfect pears in the store from last week’s delivery too. I can’t wait for the nectarines to see if they’re as good as the ones we’ve had so far.

ORGANIC PRODUCE FRIDAY: peaches, lemons, lettuce, kale, grapefruit, pineapples, avocados

WHEN YOU COME Wednesday to pick up Sami’s, get some organic pears, pluots, oranges, celery, garlic, ginger, cabbage–all kinds of healthy fresh foods.

Earn your green (zebra) stripes at Rabbit Food.


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